Lac Genin and the Jura, France

Jude and I have just come back from a few nights away, meeting up with our good friends Michelle and Arthur (who is an amazing artist).  They live in Viennes, which is just south of Lyon in France, and we met up about half way, in a small town called Bellignat in the Franche-Comté region of France.

Yesterday we went for a walk around nearby Lac Genin, before driving to St Claude for some lunch.  Afterwards we took a drive around some villages in the Jura, where the temperature dropped to minus 5 degrees C (23 F) at one point.  So it was not surprising that the snow lay deep and crisp and even.   🙂

17 thoughts on “Lac Genin and the Jura, France

  1. spectacular Mike…we’re off to Oklahoma later this week, reckon we might not see quite as many mountains or lakes, but I’m certain they’ll be plenty of bloody hills on that marathon course, cheers my friend!


    • Thanks for your kind comments, but I cannot take any credit for the way the pictures are sized and arranged I’m afraid. All of that is done by WordPress automatically. All I have to do is shuffle them around occasionally to give some pictures more impact on the gallery view. Normally though they are in the order that I’ve taken them. 🙂


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