First snow… and a prize winner !

It seems Autumn has been and gone in the blink of an eye…

I posted some pictures of the first snow in Evolène last year, so I thought I’d do the same again – especially as Jude has won a prize !  The local Tourist Information Office ran a competition to guess the date of the first snow in the village and Jude got it spot on !  Her prize is a free day of cross country skiing, though it will take a bit more snow (and a few more weeks probably) before the pistes are ready.

Today was also the day we’d booked the car into the garage in Les Haudères to change to winter tyres. (Talk about just in time!)  So below is our view this morning and some pictures of my walk back to Evolène while the tyres were being done.

15 thoughts on “First snow… and a prize winner !

    • Yesterday it looked a little half hearted, with only about 2 inches of snow. But this morning there’s at least a foot, so it looks fabulous outside now. It’s ideal for young children, but not so good for grown ups who have to dig their car out! I guess you can’t have everything in life. 🙂

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  1. Love it Mike, absolutely beautiful…I’m not a big fan of snow, at least not in daily life in Seattle right now and thankfully we don’t get much, but in the right place at the right time, I totally get it so I shall live the winter snow vicariously through your blog 🙂 Cheers!


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