Family Walk to Lac Bleu

For the last day of their holiday, the Preece family decided to do the short, but sharp, walk from La Gouille up to Lac Bleu. (Unfortunately mum, Jo, had some prep work to do for school next week, and Jude had some cakes to bake, so they left the rest of us to it…  )

Needing a little more exercise, Alex and I took the path down to Les Haudères and along the river back to the chalet, while father, David, drove the younger children home.

Although I’ve posted pictures of this walk before, it never ceases to amaze me how you can always see something different.  For example, I have to give credit to Alex for spotting the rainbow waterfall (pic 20).  There are also some Halloween images for you all to enjoy – see if you can spot the black cat !

12 thoughts on “Family Walk to Lac Bleu

    • It’s a route I’ve done (and blogged about) quite a few times, but our guests (who are old friends of Jude’s) really enjoyed it – especially young Oliver. I nearly didn’t see the cat – it was as if it had been placed there as part of the display. 🙂


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