Lac d’Arbey walk with guests

As this is my 200th post, (how time flies!), I thought I’d do something a little different and let 2 of our guests this week decide which pictures to post and to write something themselves.  So over to Alex and Oliver…

Alex: There were too many of us to fit into the car, so Mike and I decided to meet up with the others at Les Giettes, which is the old looking village overlooking Les Haudères. The climb to this traditional village was about 400m ascent. Once we met up with the others, we went over to Lac d’Arbey and stopped for a quick bite to eat. Then we began our steep descent back to Evolène.

Oliver: As Alex and Mike walked, the rest of us drove to Farquèses and walked up towards the village where we met up with Alex and Mike by the Yaks. From there I collected a lot of rocks to bring home (everybody decided against me not to bring the rocks, so when I was not with my bag, they took out the rocks and threw them away).

Unfortunately sister Rosie isn’t feeling so well today, so she’s unable to give her account.  However, she does feature in many of the following photos.  With thanks to father, David, for his excellent pictures.

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