Ferpècle Valley Walk (no. 7 of many available)

Today, Jude, Angela (Jude’s mum) and I went for a short walk up the Ferpècle valley.  Eventually the path comes to a dead end, with the mountains and glaciers rising up at the end towards the border between Switzerland and Italy.  As with the rest of the northern hemisphere, it’s looking very autumnal at this time of year, though we did see some new green leaves and some tadpoles. (See pics below).  We were also very surprised to hear and then see four icefalls.  We’ve observed these in the summer when the temperatures were very high, but today it was nearer the freezing point.

To give you an idea of where this is in the world, I’ve added a map at the end to show the relative position of the walk to our home here in Evolène (which, for new readers, is in the Valais region of Switzerland).

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