Roc Vieux (Walk 12)

The temperature gauge on the car said it was 4 degrees, as I drove up the road to Les Haudères, so I was glad I’d put on another layer before setting off.  The sun was shining and I had a good climb ahead of me, so I knew it wouldn’t be long before I warmed up.

I think this is the last of my medium to long walks on my list of 31 that I’ve posted.  If you’d like to see any of the others, just search for the word ‘Walk’ on the About page.  The higher numbered Walks are generally the harder ones.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to wish Jude’s mum, Angela, a very happy 80th birthday.  I know she reads all of my posts. 🙂    However it won’t be long before I get to congratulate her personally, as she’s coming over to visit us on Friday.

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