Happy Birthday Dad !

I’m very proud to announce that today is my dad’s 93rd birthday !  He’s a remarkable man with many stories to tell which, thankfully, he’s still able to recount to anyone who’s prepared to listen.  So I think he deserves a mention.

Born and raised in Isleworth to the south east of London (England), my dad left school early to join the Navy.  He travelled the world by boat, including Brazil, Australia and Malta, but it wasn’t until his early 80’s he got on a plane to visit us in Switzerland.

The secret of his longevity ?  Who knows ?  He survived a heart heart attack waaaay back in 1968 and, as a result, altered his diet (for a while anyway).  Nowadays he hardly ever drinks alcohol and loves nothing better than a corn beef sandwich for his lunch. 🙂

Happy birthday dad – hope you have a great day !



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