Col du Torrent to Pointe du Tsate ridge (Walk 29)

I’m glad that I’ve been in training recently as this is certainly one of the hardest walks in my list.  No wonder I’ve left it until now to publish it !

From the via ferrata car park in Evolène, it’s a direct 1,500 metre (almost 5,000 ft) climb to the Col du Torrent and from there the ridge path undulates at around 3,000 metres to the Pointe du Tsate (@3078m / 10,100 ft).   An equally steep descent via La Sage, back to the car park, makes it about 20 kilometres (12.5 miles) and 1,950m (6,400 ft) of ascent overall.

There are some things that you might expect to see on a walk such as this – cows, marmottes, maybe even the odd chamois.  But nothing could prepare me for what I saw at Béplan (@2,500m /8,200 ft) . See pics 5 and 6.  It was a surreal moment !

4 thoughts on “Col du Torrent to Pointe du Tsate ridge (Walk 29)

    • Many thanks. I’m glad you liked them. There are still quite a few butterflies around at the moment, but I didn’t hang around to capture them. (I was a man on a mission to get to the top and back down before the forecast storms came in – which never materialised in the end, but you never know). The clouds add a nice bit of atmosphere I think.

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