Dixence dam and Lac des Dix

After 4 days of increasingly difficult walking, yesterday was a rest day.  So we did the touristy thing and drove around to the Dixence dam to marvel at its size. (It being the tallest gravity dam in the world).  Despite the huge construction work that must have gone on, nature has a way of continuing as if nothing ever happened.  I was particularly pleased to capture, and identify, the Queen of Spain fritillary (see first picture).  According to my little book, no other fritillary has such large and shiny silver spots on the underside.


11 thoughts on “Dixence dam and Lac des Dix

    • Hi John,
      Hope you are well and enjoying your new life on the other side of the Pond. My team obviously didn’t play well enough – or at least only for 90 minutes… But that’s football for you. Bruce fell out with the owner’s son over transfers. He was told he could only have loanees. They are in the middle of trying to sell the club, so I guess they wanted to keep a bit of cash back (either for themselves or to make the deal look more attractive). The programme notes for the Man U game had a sort of farewell from the owner as he obviously thinks a deal will be done in the next 2 weeks (or at least before the next home match).
      Cheers, Mike


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