Walk over the Passerelle de la Grande Combe

It’s been another sunny day in the Val d’Hérens, so another walk was called for.  This time we drove just a few minutes down the road to La Luette and followed the path which runs northwards on the east side of the valley.  Along the way, it crosses the 133 metre  Passerelle de la Grande Combe (suspension bridge), before we dropped down to the river at Cambioula and then back up the other side to Euseigne.  The route was so dry and warm that we had grasshoppers and butterflies pinging and flitting about all around us.

The gallery below is another collaborative effort together with my daughter, Sarah and her boyfriend, Karl.

6 thoughts on “Walk over the Passerelle de la Grande Combe

    • Yes, they are really quite interesting and varied creatures when you (can) get close to them. I’m afraid there was no real ‘macro’ photography, certainly not as any serious photographer would know it. We were all carrying point and shoot type cameras. My daughter’s is a Canon IXUS 95015, Karl’s a Fujifilm JX210 and mine is a Lumix/Panasonic DMC-TZ58. I did crop a few to take out the edges and, of course, shrink them to save WordPress storage and make them easier to load. We’re glad you enjoyed them. 🙂

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