Bisse de Fan Walk

Although my preference is to hike up high, to see the views from the top of the mountains, I like to find some less energetic alternatives for any guests who prefer to take things a bit easier.  So today I tried a new route along an ancient watercourse known as the Bisse de Fan.  I’m not sure if it was due to the recent warm weather, but today it was as dry as a bone.

After a short climb away from the road just beyond Euseigne, the path is as good as flat all the way to the village of Vex (pronounced Vay).  As always it seems, I took some photographs of some flowers that I could not identify.  Though I did read in my book that the Carthusian Pink, which is quite common in our valley, is classed as ‘rather rare (very rare in northern alpine ranges)’. See last picture.

To quote the official Valais website:
“Bisses are the historic irrigation channels of the Valais. A bisse is an open ditch delivering priceless water from mountain streams – often by daring routes – to arid pastures and fields, vineyards and orchards. Many bisses are still in use today and so are carefully maintained. Numerous trails accompany these historic watercourses, inviting visitors to varied hikes on historic trails.”

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