Evolène Mid-summer Festival

I posted something about our village ‘Fête de la Mi-été’ last year, but the thing about annual festivals is that they tend to recur… in this case every 15th August.  So, to make this post even more interesting than last year, (as if that were possible), I’ve included some pictures of the vintage car procession, which took place this morning.  Any petrolheads out there will be green with envy…

I was particularly pleased to see a number of British vehicles, including an Alvis (which I’ve never even heard of before*), a Morgan and my absolute favourite, a green E type Jaguar.  (If I ever won the lottery, I’d buy one of those !)  There was also a fabulous looking Ford – which I think must have been from 1929 (judging by the number on the spare wheel at the back).
*It seems Alvis stopped making cars in 1965, after they were taken over by Rover… (I think that says it all about British car manufacturing).

In the afternoon there was the usual parade of floats displaying some of the traditional arts and crafts. Plus, it wasn’t raining this year! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Evolène Mid-summer Festival

    • Thank you Jackie for those lovely comments. I’m really glad that you enjoyed the post. It’s quite a popular event, attracting 100’s of people to the village. And you see almost all of the local people involved – if only dressed in the traditional costumes. The cars were quite varied in make and age, but I liked the older ones best. Their owners must spend a lot of time keeping them in good condition and be very proud of them. I certainly would be!

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    • Yes, it’s very traditional. I guess the car procession is just to add a bit of extra interest during the morning. There were some nice cars there. (My parents didn’t have a car until after I’d gone to University, so there was no zipping about for me. Indeed, I didn’t have a car myself until I was over 30 I think. I used to bike everywhere).


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