Thyon-Dixence race

When I entered the Ascona-Locarno marathon (which is in October), I thought it would be good to have an interim race to check on my training progress.  Little did I know then that my training would be very spasmodic (indeed, almost non-existent), so the Thyon-Dixence race became a real challenge in itself.

At 16k (10 miles) it’s not long, but the route ascends 700 metres (2,300 ft) over tracks and trails, making it equivalent to at least 23 k (or a little over 14 miles).

By chance, Jude’s sister Charlotte was coming over for the weekend, so she also entered the race.  We were together for almost 200 metres before she disappeared into the distance, finishing in 2h 22m 31s, while I plodded in a little bit behind in 2h 28m 14s.

Now, I don’t normally run with my camera at all, but today it and I were firmly joined at the wrist.  Well, I needed a good excuse to stop and catch my breath and I knew you, dear readers, would be disappointed not to see some photos of this wonderful race… The things I do for you ! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Thyon-Dixence race

  1. So glad you decided to run with your camera! Seeing that picture of the hill you had to climb… yikes! I would’ve been cussing the entire time, lol! Love the plant biker guy!l Hey, well done you! Even with little to no training you did a fabulous job, and it looks like an amazing time! Congratulations!


    • Yes, it’s a great race. Though not to be underestimated. I ran it 4 or 5 years ago and I recall it ‘undulating’, but yesterday I was reminded of how hilly it was. The views, if you have time to admire them, are spectacular. It rates alongside the Aletsch Half marathon, which is another ‘trail’ type race at altitude.

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  2. spectacular Mike as always and congrats on the race brother!! that is a stunning race gallery…enjoy the post-race celebration, the most important part 🙂

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