The Rigi (5th of a few)

They say everything comes to those who wait and, luckily, we were in Vitznau long enough for the weather to change and the clouds were high…  So off Jude and I went to catch the train to the top of the Rigi.  At 1,798 metres (5,900 ft) it’s not very high, but it sits in the centre of 3 lakes – i.e. Lake Lucerne, the Zugersee and the Lauerzersee.

After taking in the fantastic views, we walked down a couple of stops before Jude caught the train back to Vitznau and I took off down the path for some much needed exercise.


11 thoughts on “The Rigi (5th of a few)

  1. Perfect spots to exercise and relax. Beautiful photography of this region, last time I was there was in 1975 – great memories of the most gorgeous countryside in the world.


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