Train, Walk & Boat trip

The Swiss are rightly proud of their railways.  Not only are they clean, comfortable and run on time, but they can also take you up mountains.  Indeed that was one of the reasons we chose to camp in Vitznau, as there is a cog railway which takes you up from the side of the lake to the top of the Rigi (@1,798 metres or 5,900 ft).  In fact, you can also go up there on a completely different track from the village of Goldau.  The top can therefore get quite busy.

However, after heavy rainfall overnight, we awoke to see the mountain completely covered by cloud. (The tent was also quite wet, but that’s another story). So Jude and I decided to take the train as far as Romiti Felsentnor (@1,195 metres or 3,920 ft) then walk down to Weggis, before taking the paddle steamer back to Vitznau.



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