50th Montreux Jazz Festival

Last week, when I was back in the UK, an old friend of mine called Mick mentioned that he was coming over to Switzerland for the Montreux Jazz Festival.  He said he was staying in Vevey for the weekend, so I took the opportunity to go over and take him around some of the more interesting sights (to me anyway).

One of them was up the funicular railway to Mont Pèlerin, which is where Jude & I used to live.  The views of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) are simply stunning from up there. (Yes, it was hard to leave that apartment that we loved so much!)  Mick and I then took the trolley bus to the Chateau Chillon, which is one of the Top 10 ‘must see’ sites in Switzerland.  From there it was just a short stroll back along the lakeside to Montreux, where we watched a couple of shows in the open air (& free) ‘Music in the Park’ venue.

The Jazz festival is iconic, showcasing musical talent from all over the world (not necessarily jazz either) and this year it celebrates its 50th anniversary.

4 thoughts on “50th Montreux Jazz Festival

    • Thanks ! I used to go every year when I lived down that way, but it has been changing over the years (for the worse in my opinion). This year for example they’ve chopped down two huge trees in the middle of the Music in the Park. Not only were they beatiful trees, but they provided much needed shade (or even shelter when it was raining). When we were there it was over 30 degrees C, so we had to find some shade in the bar area. 😉


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