Handa Island

Another well known tourist destination in the very North West of Scotland is Handa Island.  It’s a particular favourite of Ornithologists, as there are quite a number of different sea birds there, particularly during the Springtime.

To get to the island you drive down a single track road to Tarbet and a small ferry craft (see last picture) takes you across – for a small fee of course.  Once on the island there is a wooden walkway which takes you to the best viewpoints.

On the way around you will see Great Skuas or Bonxies as they are also known, which have their nests on the ground.  The island has no natural land predators, so their chicks are relatively safe.  We also saw Guillemots, Razorbills, Cormorants, Oyster Catchers and Puffins.  See picture below, but the Razorbills build no nest at all and rely on the shape of their eggs to stop them rolling off the precarious ledges.


4 thoughts on “Handa Island

    • Yes, Handa is well worth the trip (though you don’t get as close to the birds as on the Farne Islands). I also just relaised I got the two islands and comments mixed up – the Farne Islands are of course on the NE coast of England – where the weather is generally better than the west coast anyway ! So you are very likely to get to land there, but allow a couple of days to make sure. It would be a pity to miss it.


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