Journey north to Inshegra, Sutherland

They often say the journey is more important than the destination, and that could well be applied to our drive north to the small village of Inshegra, which lies only about 16k or 10 miles south of Cape Wrath in the very NW of Scotland.  On our way we passed more lochs than you would wish to count, saw some amazing mountain scenery* and had a fabulous lunch at the Kylesku Hotel.
(*This included the amazing Stac Pollaidh, which Jude and I had climbed a few years ago. See picture on the About Us page of our chalet website).

Once we’d arrived at our destination, the Old School House, and been shown to our room (affectionately known as the Bicycle shed – see pic below), we went for a walk along the beautiful Polin beach.

8 thoughts on “Journey north to Inshegra, Sutherland

  1. Lovely pictures as always Mike. It’s funny that you mentioned Cape Wrath in your post. I just finished Bill Bryson’s latest book and the culmination of his travelogue is a visit to Cape Wrath. I have to admit I’d never heard of it and then it’s cropped up twice in a couple of days. Cape Wrath is an evocative name- Bryson says it’s an old Nordic word for ‘turning point’.


    • Many thanks. We met a couple who had been to Cape Wrath and it seems to get there you need to catch a boat which has a limited capacity. So a few people might be disappointed if there’s a lot of people wanting to visit. We also met 2 exhausted looking guys in Kinlochbervie Hotel who had walked all the way there and back via Sandwood bay! But more about there tomorrow. 🙂

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