Maol Chean-dearg (@933m/3,061ft)

So, while the rest of Britain, and possible northern Europe, had their umbrellas out, the NW of Scotland was having a mini heatwave.  Jude and I took full advantage of this by taking a walk from Coulags Bridge up the river valley to the bothy.  From there we went our separate ways;  Jude carried on up the valley to Loch Coire Fionnaraich, while I took the path up to the top of Maol Chean-dearg.  (To be fair, Jude had done this mountain before).

She’d advised that route finding was simple, (which it was), but she didn’t say what a scramble it would be over rocks and boulders to get to the top !  Nevertheless, I think you’ll agree from the photos below that the effort was well worth it.
(Also, take a note of the loch in picture 6, it would turn up again in a couple of days time).


6 thoughts on “Maol Chean-dearg (@933m/3,061ft)

    • Yes, I know what you mean. But I think it’s just that the scene lacks a bit of colour (at this time of year). It also looks quite bare and small by comparison to the mountain I was standing on. Also it’s rare to see the view in perfectly blue skies !

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