Cuaig beach and Shieldaig, Scotland

If you’ve never been to the north west of Scotland, and I mean further north than the (albeit very good) tourist hot spots of Glencoe and Fort William, then you should add it to your ‘must visit’ list.  When the sun shines (as it did for us) then there’s probably nowhere better on earth to be.  It is also best seen in the Spring, before the infamous midges emerge.

On our first full day in Lochcarron, Jude and I decided to drive around the Applecross peninsular, via Shieldaig, to Cuaig beach.  Returning the same way, we stopped at almost every turn to take photos, and we had an excellent meal at the Coastal Kitchen, which is part of the Tigh an Eilean (‘House of the Island’) Hotel in Shieldaig.   As the sun was setting and we gazed out over the Loch from the terrace, Jude was heard to say: “Life doesn’t get much better than this!” 🙂

To give you some idea of the location, I’ve added a map below, courtesy of Google maps.

5 thoughts on “Cuaig beach and Shieldaig, Scotland

    • You should visit. The further north you go, the better, and less crowded, it gets. Even the roads turn into single track roads – with regular passing places of course. I didn’t mention it, but ‘they’ have devised a circular touring route starting and finishing in Inverness, called the North Coast 500. See for more details. I say ‘they’ because I believe it was a bunch of people from London and it has had a mixed reaction from the locals. Some (e.g. in Applecross) say it’s flooded the village and the roads with too many vehicles and others welcome the additional tourism. Which only goes to show you cannot please everybody all of the time !


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