English Lake District Walk, Day 3 (of 4) – Wasdale Head to Buttermere

We awoke to a slightly brighter, but very windy, day.  Our plan was to go up Pillar (@892m) but, a) it was still in cloud and b) Colin warned us that there might be a precipitous drop.  Regular followers may recall that my mate Pete doesn’t like heights, nor me for that matter in strong winds, so we gave it a miss.  This left us with the straightforward route up the Black Sail pass into Ennerdale.  From there we would ascend to Scarth Gap and then turn right (east) up to Alfred Wainwright’s favourite peak, Haystacks.   (Here I have to disagree with the great man, as I found it a rather dull and muddled peak, with 4 apparent tops, but each to his or her own…)

Once there we had a mini-rebellion, as Colin decided he didn’t fancy the ridge walk along High Crag, High Stile and Red Pike in gale force winds and so he took the direct route down to Buttermere.  Pete and I felt it was too good an opportunity to miss (and we didn’t want to get to the pub too early), so we braved what must have been 60 mph plus winds on the top.  I’m sure both of my feet were off the ground at one point!

As you’ll see from the later pictures below, we were rewarded with some fabulous views – including our expected route the following day above Buttermere village.


15 thoughts on “English Lake District Walk, Day 3 (of 4) – Wasdale Head to Buttermere

  1. Done quite a few around Saas. Allalinhorn, Weissmeiss, Nadelhorn, Ulrichshorn, and a few others back towards Visp. Quite a few around Chamonix too.


  2. Love this series Mike…I never did really visit the Lake District but one day we’ll make it back over there and explore this area.


    • Thanks Jamesie. It’s a beautiful part of England (probably the best part imv), but you are at the mercy of the weather. On a good day it’s magnificent, but on a rainy day it can be dismal. Though there are some nice towns to visit and some great pubs of course ! 🙂 Though the ‘holiday’ series is nowhere near finished yet…

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