English Lake District Walk, Day 2 (of 4) – Rosthwaite to Wasdale Head

Hopefully the pictures will now be available in your email (with watermarks).


Reposted as I forgot to add the watermark and I promised Pete I’d give him the credit for his photos !

It’s a rather strange anomaly but only one of the many ‘lakes’ in the English Lake District is actually called a Lake, i.e. Bassenthwaite Lake.  The rest have their own names, like Buttermere, Derwent Water or Wast Water.  Smaller bodies of water are called Tarns.  Don’t ask me why, that’s just the way it is. (The hills are also called fells for some reason too !)

Today’s route takes us from Rosthwaite, over Glaramara (@783m) and down via Sprinkling and Styhead Tarns, to the very welcome sight of the Wasdale Head Inn – said to be the birthplace of rock climbing.  While there, I was reminded of home, as there were some black and white photos of the Arolla valley. 🙂

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