Just a little run around Britain

Here’s a little story which you runners and charitable people might like… (and believe me, this is not a joke !)

Yesterday evening, Jude and I were sitting quietly in the Waterside Café in Lochcarron, NW Scotland, when a guy walked in looking a bit tired and he asks Geoff, the owner, if he could have a glass of warm water.  He says he’s a little de-hydrated after running over from Applecross on the west coast. (That’s at least 17 miles by road according to Google, not to mention going over the steep pass called the Bealach).  We strike up a conversation and it turns out his name is Simon Clark and he’s running around Britain for the Ecologia Youth Trust charity.  (The Trust works with children and young people around the world who have been abandoned, orphaned, made vulnerable by poverty and disease).

Now, I like a challenge, but that’s a cool 5,000 miles, which will take him about a year to complete.  His target is 100 miles per week for 50 weeks.  Not only that but he’s carrying all his own gear in a small rucksack and sleeping wherever he can, only using B&Bs or the like when he feels the need to freshen up a bit.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology you can follow his progress around the UK ‘live’ here.  Of course I’m also sure that Simon won’t mind if you would like to support this very worthwhile cause – see above website or quick link here.

It makes a marathon seem like look like a sprint !

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