Lake Como – Sant’Amate Walk (Part 4 of 4)

The ‘Italian Lakes’ are also rightly famous for their glorious mountains and walking trails.  We’d noticed a wonderful viewpoint on the map which could almost be reached by a service road.  So we headed inland from Menaggio in the hope of reaching Liveja.   However, the track proved to be a little too rocky, even for our 4 wheel vehicle, so we parked up at Alpe Erba and walked the rest.

After reaching Liveja, we climbed steeply through the woods and across a little snow to emerge at Alpe Nesdale.  We reached our goal, at Sant’Amate, another kilometre further on and sat down for our picnic whilst taking in the magnificent views.  We returned the same way and treated ourselves to a well earned drink on the hotel terrace. 🙂


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