Sunday training run…

Although it was only my 4th run in as many weeks (and 6th in as many months), today I felt like I was actually running for the first time.  It was along the same (Rhone riverside) route as last week, though by stark contrast to my laboured plod of 7 days ago, I was skipping along like a Spring lamb.  Of course, ‘skipping along’ is a relative term (and the vision of me as a Spring lamb is certainly something to test the old grey matter) but for the record, I did around 12.5k in a little under 67 minutes.

To save you doing the math(s), this equates to a 3h 45m marathon pace, but whether I was training at, or slower or faster than, my target marathon pace is for me to know and you to guess… 🙂

Here are some random photos taken after I’d finished… (You will note the huge difference in weather from yesterday !)

7 thoughts on “Sunday training run…

    • Thanks Tammy. Surprisingly, I don’t feel too bad. I was a little stiff yesterday evening (especially after sitting for 2 hours watching the Masters golf!), but this morning all I have is the odd niggle here and there, reminding me that I did something yesterday. I’ll certainly not be doing anything strenuous today. (If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in recent years is that you can over-do a good thing ! Oh yes, and that my body can’t take it any more !) So I’ll probably be “resting” until the weekend, especially as Lake Como beckons… See link. 🙂


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