I’ve noticed that many bloggers post some of their favourite recipes, so here’s my “recipe for success” with Cupcakes (and many other cakes for that matter)…

Step 1. Find a partner who simply LOVES to bake.  Note: This may involve travelling the world until you find the right person.  I found mine in the Dolomites, while on holiday in Italy, but you can find them in lots of other places too.

Step 2. Allow them the complete freedom of the kitchen – never interfere or get in the way when they get the urge to bake. (And never get cross when the kitchen looks like there’s been a massive explosion, otherwise the recipe might not work the next time!)

Step 3. Sit back, relax (maybe even post something on your blog) and breathe in the fabulous smell of fresh baking.

Step 4. Tuck in and enjoy those beautiful cakes !

It works for me every time. 🙂

With many, many thanks to Jude… (who baked these, and indeed many other cakes, for a charity event today).

19 thoughts on “Cupcakes

  1. Lovely post! Please tell Jude her bakes look wonderful!! 🙂 Also, I wanted to thank you so much for the “orange” pictures you sent to me!! They are absolutely gorgeous!! I would have responded sooner, but we’re having problems with our e-mail — we can receive e-mail, but not respond. 😦 Hoping to get that problem resolved tomorrow! Hope you and your lovely wife have a beautiful week!
    ~ Anna


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