Slightly more famous Swiss ski resorts no. 1 – Grimentz

For many years Grimentz was (maybe even still is*) our favourite place to go skiing.  It has everything, from easy slopes for beginners, to some very challenging black runs for the experts.  This is especially so now that they’ve built a cable car to link with the nearby Zinal resort.  On the way across you get a view of the terrifying (for me anyway) Piste du Chamois, which runs straight, and almost vertically, down the mountain before it turns left back to Grimentz.

*The jury is still out between Grimentz and Nax.

Sadly yours truly forgot his camera (and mobile phone) again, so these pictures were taken during some of our previous visits.

8 thoughts on “Slightly more famous Swiss ski resorts no. 1 – Grimentz

    • Thanks Jackie. I used to have that first picture as my desktop in the office – during the winter months anyway. We happened to be staying in a (very old) rented chalet for the week and were walking into the village to catch the shuttle bus to the ski lift. It was one of those one-off moments you just capture. The 2nd picture was taken only a few moments later.

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