Snowy walk from La Forclaz up the Ferpècle valley

The forecast for the next few days is sun, sun and more sun… 🙂   So today I set off with my snowshoes to see how far I could walk up the Ferpècle valley.  I knew the road would be closed from La Forclaz, so that made for an interesting, but quite long, start.  I passed four ladies, whose average age must have been at least 75 and later there were two sets of ski touring parties whizzing down to La Forclaz but, otherwise, I saw no-one.

A decent path had been created up to the small reservoir and it was there that I needed to put on the snowshoes.  The going was hard, with every step sinking about a foot into the snow, but the effort was well worth it as I reached the open valley floor.  The view was quite simply amazing.  It was just me, the Tree Creeper (see picture below) and snow as far as the eye could see.

5 thoughts on “Snowy walk from La Forclaz up the Ferpècle valley

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