Tracks in the snow

For the past few weeks we’ve had a regular visitor to our garden in the form of a small deer. It comes in the dead of night and a couple of times I’ve spotted it hoovering up whatever the birds have knocked off the feeder, or the remainder of the bread that we’ve put out for them.  Before the latest snowfall, it would even settle down to rest on the bare patch under our tree.  (Sorry, I couldn’t get a picture as it was too dark !)

This morning we awoke to another inch or so of snow, so it was interesting to see the creatures that had been wandering around the garden.  The deer had been again of course, but there was also tracks of what I took to be a cat, a variety of birds and a hare.  You may find the last picture below of the hare tracks particularly interesting because, if you look at the lower part of the full image, you may find that the tracks appear to be coming out of the screen.  If this happens for you, look to the top of the picture and follow the tracks back and they should invert. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tracks in the snow

    • Many thanks for your nice comment. I agree it’s great fun, but it’s very difficult to work out what exactly the animals were. I’ve seen the deer and the hare on previous occasions, but the rest is guesswork !


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