Not so famous Swiss ski resorts no. 3 – Anzère

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a fair weather skier.  So the recent grey skis, and a trip back to the UK to see my family, have kept me away from the pistes.  I’ve therefore decided to dig out some archive photos of yet another Swiss ski resort – Anzère.  It lies on the north side of the Rhone valley, just above Sion, and hence gets a lot of sun when the skies are clear.

A gondola takes you up from the village to the main station and from there it’s mainly a series of red runs, including a superb long piste down through the trees to Les Rousses.  The black run back down to the village also provides a fabulous (and not too difficult) finish to the day.

2 thoughts on “Not so famous Swiss ski resorts no. 3 – Anzère

    • Small world! It’s a nice little resort, partly purpose built as I recall. Though you have to ski there in the cold months of January and February to guarantee the snow, as it tends to disappear quite quickly in March.

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