R.I.P. Panasonic DMC-TZ35

As mentioned in a previous post, the display on the back of my point and shoot camera has given up the will to live.  Although it still takes pictures, it’s impossible to change some of the settings, so it is with deep regret that I have to put it to sleep !

TZ-35 screen

Obviously, I couldn’t let this rather sad moment go by without celebrating its life by showing you some examples of its versatility – when it was alive and well of course…

Fear not though dear reader, happily it has now been replaced by a TZ58.  Indeed, it was that very same camera which took the above picture of its faltering cousin.  So the blog will continue… 🙂

4 thoughts on “R.I.P. Panasonic DMC-TZ35

    • Yes, it was my 3rd in the TZ series (I had a TZ18 before that) and they’ve all taken great photos. It’s a pity they’re not more robust (the other two got dust on their sensors) but then I treat them quite roughly when taking them on my walks. I’m hoping no. 4 proves to be just as good. Love your photos by the way!


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