Arolla to Evolène (Walk 11) in Winter

There’s something magical about being the first person to walk through fresh snow.  Even though it can be a foot deep, your feet just glide through it like it isn’t even there.  It’s also a little scary, as you can’t quite see where the path goes and you’re never quite sure of your footing.  Luckily a few animals had shown me most of the way and I had a fabulous walk.

4 thoughts on “Arolla to Evolène (Walk 11) in Winter

  1. Not sure what happened to my comment, so I apologize if this comes through twice! 🙂 Such beautiful photos — makes me want to take a walk in the fresh snow! Love the photos of the bird and cat in the window sill as well! Your photos are delightful — I always look forward to them!


    • I’m really glad you like my photos. I often say it’s hard to take a bad photograph in Switzerland. So my biggest problem is whittling down the 100’s that I take to the best or most interesting pictures. All the best, Mike

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