Ibiza Town

Throughout July and August Jude was working full time and, as you may have read, we had a few visitors in September.  So for the past week we’ve been on a beach holiday in Formentera.  For the uninitiated, like me before we booked, Formentera is a relatively small island to the south of Ibiza in the Mediterranean.  Amongst other things, it’s renowned across Europe for its many pristine, white sandy beaches. (More of that later…)

Our flights to Ibiza didn’t arrive in time to catch the last ferry to the island, so we spent our first night in Ibiza town, in a ’boutique’ hotel (see picture of our bedroom) right next to the harbour.  If there’s one thing that Jude loves more than the sea and sand, it’s boats !  As you can see, we were treated to some of the largest ‘superyachts’ ever built.

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