Plans de Bertol (part 2)

My good friend, Pete has come over from the UK this week to do some walking.  We had planned to do part of the Swiss National Trail Route 6, which runs close by Evolène, but the forecast for Wednesday is not great.  There could be snow on the route and navigation might be difficult.  So we’ve decided to do some day walks until Thursday and Friday, when the weather should be good and we’ll do a 2 day walk via the Cabane des Dix.

Today (Monday) we did my walk no. 31, which is from Arolla up to the Plans de Bertol…

2 thoughts on “Plans de Bertol (part 2)

    • He’s actually climbing down, which, as we know, has a greater degree of difficulty! It’s amazing I know, which is why I took the photo – so well spotted ! It’s all good training for those ladders ! 😉


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