Dixence Dam to Arolla (Walk 30)

Of all the walks on my list, this is the one I’ve been looking forward to the most.  I’ve only done it once before and that was back in 2008 with my mate Dave. (How time flies !)  It starts at the Dixence dam, goes along the full (7km/4 mile) length of the reservoir and then climbs to the Pas de Chèvres, before descending into Arolla. (Just in case Dave is reading this… I confess, this time I caught the bus back to Evolène !)

If you are wondering why an elephant features in the photos… It’s part of an exposition by Christian Schneiter (normally a taxidermist, but the animals are all made of polyester you’ll be glad to hear !)  There are 12 animals, all from Africa, strategically placed around the Val d’Hérens.   I guess they thought the largest or heaviest land mammal fitted very well with the largest gravity dam in the world.  There’s a giraffe near the Pyramides d’Euseigne and a Hippopotamus in Vex.  I’ll have to seek out the rest !

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