UK Trip 2 (of 3) – Humber Street Sesh

Not only is the 1st August Swiss National Day but, more importantly for me, it’s also Yorkshire Day.  So it was perhaps appropriate that I was back in my home town of Kingston-Upon-Hull (to give it its full title) to celebrate – and what a day I chose to be there.  Now in its 4th year, the Humber Street Sesh is a coming together of the best musical talent in the area.  It must be one of the biggest one day music festivals in the world, with over 180 bands or performers playing on 12 different stages or venues.  It’s surely set to be a fixture on the Hull calendar for many years to come and a “must see” on everyone’s agenda when Hull commences their City of Culture celebrations in 2017.

Perhaps never before has the title of this blog and the copyright sign on the pictures been more appropriate !

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