Walk 12: La Luette to the Passarelle de la Grande Combe and Euseigne (Distance: 10.6 km and 550m ascent

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Route Description:

Walk 12 – La Luette to the Passarelle de la Grande Combe and Euseigne (Distance: 10.6 km and 550m ascent).

This is a very peaceful walk, which undulates through some small hamlets on the east side of the valley and crosses the Passarelle de la Grande Combe (suspension bridge).  In summer there are many, many butterflies to be seen, including the rare and, in some countries, protected Apollo. There are two route options available.  This describes the longer of the two in detail, though the turning point for the shorter one is mentioned.      

  1. At the Sion end of the car parking area/bus stop in La Luette, there is a right turn (signposted La Passarelle). Follow this path down for only a short distance and then turn left. (A signpost indicates Ossona). The path soon meets another path coming down, turn right here and continue downwards, as it zig-zags to a wooden bridge. 

    Cross over and go up the other side. After only a few metres turn left and cross over a grassy track up to another wide track and turn left.  Follow this track around two 90 degree right hand bends until, just as you enter the woods, there is a junction with a signpost on the right.  Turn left here (as indicated by La Passarelle on the signpost) and pass by the left of some buildings.  (This is Les Abelires). 

  2. Les Abelires
    Very soon after the buildings the track comes to an abrupt end, but there’s a left turn through a metal gate.  (Signposted Ossona and Passarelle). The path goes down only a few metres, before turning to the right and bending to the right. A clear path continues, undulating for around 1.5km and crossing 3 small wooden bridges to the Passarelle de la Grande Combe.  Look out too for a sign pointing to a picnic table up to your right.

  3. Passarelle de la Grande Combe
    Cross over here and follow the path onwards as it bends around to the right. Very soon you will reach a gate. Continue along the path until you reach a signpost, indicating the way to Ossona, slightly down and to the left. This path turns left back on itself and down to a wide track, with a signpost pointing to turn right to Ossona. Follow the track downhill slightly until it you reach a fork in the track – again signposted. Turn left here and walk down towards the buildings at Ossona.

  4. Ossona
    As you reach the main set of buildings, you will see a signpost on the right with a path leading up to the right. (Signposted to Combioula and Gréferic) Take this path, initially to the left of an old wooden building, but then to the right of two chalets. You should then reach another signpost. Turn left here, (again as indicated to Combioula). Note: Even though the sign seems to indicate going to the right of them, keep to the left hand side of the row of trees going away from you and follow the line of some white and green posts.

    Of course, if you don’t like the sound of the steep descent to Combioula and the climb back up to Euseigne, you can return the same way that you came, back to La Luette. (That would make the walk 7.3km and 450m ascent/descent).

  5. At the end of the row of trees, continue in the same direction (again following the line of some green and whit posts) and then directly across the left hand side of an open field/meadow, until you reach the far side. Here you will find a signpost with a small gate a little to the right. Turn left here (to Combioula) and descend to the left of some trees. Soon you will reach another signpost near a collapsed wooden building – turn left here (to Combioula). The path will bend to the left and right before heading back to the left and descending quite steeply along a very rocky/stoney path. After around 400m the path levels out and then bends to the right and meanders down to a bridge at Combioula. Here you can simply turn left (and go to point 6), however…

  6. At Combioula there is a warm spring. So, for a very short detour, make sure you turn right after the bridge to another bridge (maybe 100 metres along on the right), then cross back over the river and turn immediately left for around 40 metres. On the right hand side of the river bed there is a small man-made pond which contains naturally heated warm(ish) water.   Return the way you came, back to the first bridge and…

  7. Continue up the track towards Euseigne (signposted, 50 mins). The track soon turns into a tarmac road.  At a right hand U bend in the road, continue forwards along a track and follow the signs as it winds around the valley and up underneath the Pyramides to the village of Euseigne. At various road junctions, follow the road forwards (towards the village/church). Eventually the road bends to the left and then turns to the right around a building and into the village ‘square’. From here you can either go up to the main road (e.g. if catching a bus) and turn left (if walking) or take the road which runs parallel with, but below, the main road towards La Luette.

  8. If not catching a bus, from Euseigne it’s a case of walking back along the road to La Luette. N.B. Take care as there are no footpaths.