Walk 9: Les Haudères to La Forclaz via Sépey (Distance: 5 km and 330m ascent)

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Route Description:

Walk 9 – Les Haudères to La Forclaz via Sépey (Distance: 5k and 330m ascent).

This is an alternative, and less steep, route to La Forclaz from Les Haudères.  It takes in the interesting hamlet of Sépey and has a wonderful views of the Dent Blanche.  In spring and summer the flowers and butterflies are in abundance.

  1. From the parking area next to the tennis courts in Les Haudéres (to the left of the road bridge) take the track between the tennis courts and the river.  The track continues alongside the right hand side of the river.  As it bends away to the right, carry straight on in the same direction into the woods.  After around 300m, just before a small group of trees and a large rock on the right hand side, the path goes off to the left. (Signposted).  

  2. Descend to a bridge over the river and ascend the far side.  The path zig-zags to the right then left (ignore the path going off to the left) before passing a wooden building on the right.  The path reaches a cross path at a signpost.  Turn right here and continue under an over-hanging rock face, then through a gate, before reaching another signpost. Turn left here and follow the path upwards through a group of chalets at Sépey.

  3. Sépey
    At the far side of the chalets there is a signpost.  Do NOT follow the signpost to Salay, Ferpecle and Bricola, but continue more or less straight ahead, between a shack and a pile of wood. (There is a signpost to La Forclaz on the telegraph pole).  The path climbs steeply and to the left to the road.  Turn left to La Forclaz. 

  4. As you approach the village of La Forclaz you will see a road straight ahead, going downwards, off to the left of the main road. Follow this road for around 300 metres to a track which goes off to the left. Take this track, which again descends to some renovated chalets. As the path bends to the left it levels out and there is a right turn (signposted with a yellow walker).  Turn Right here and follow the path down the hill.

  5. About half way down the hill, there is a well signposted Left turn*.  Take this path down into Les Haudères, taking care when crossing directly over the road. 
    *Don’t worry if you miss this signpost as the track also continues down into Les Haudères.

  6. Les Haudères
    Once you reach the village, make your way to the main road and turn left, back to the parking area.