Walk 8: Lac d’Arbey from Evolène (Distance: 5.7 km and 480m ascent)

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Walk 8:  Lac d’Arbey from Evolène (Distance: 5.7 km and 480m of ascent)

This walk ascends almost 500m quite steeply to Lac d’Arbey, before returning along an alternative path at the far side of the lake.  In summer the Buvette is open for drinks and snacks.

  1. From the church take the path/road to the left of the Boulangerie down to the Route de Lannaz and turn right along the road.  

  2. Just after crossing the bridge over the river, there is a short, steep path which cuts off the corner of the road.  30m further along the road, there is a wooden cross and signpost (saying Arbey Lac 1h 10m), turn left here up the track/path.  After around 10 mins of climbing, you will see a bench and a signpost, which points both left and right to Lac d’Arbey.  The left hand option is recommended as it gives fabulous views down the valley. If you choose not to come back the same way, your return (as described below) will be via the right hand path.

  3. After turning left at the bench, the path climbs quite steeply at times through the woods.  After a further 70m of height gain, you will reach a forest track/clearing.  Turn left and follow the path which zigzags upwards before bending to the right.  After another 70m of height gain, you reach a road.

  4. At the road, turn left for just 25m and then take the signposted path up to the right.  You will soon emerge from the trees and get a wonderful view down the valley and of the Dent Blanche (in fine weather of course).  Continue up the path and then onwards through the middle of an open field.  The path meets a track/road.  Turn right here for 20m and then take the path on the corner of the road (effectively continuing in the same direction).  The path continues along the middle of a field to a signpost next to a track/road. 

  5. At the signpost turn right along the track/road to another signpost around the sweeping left hand bend.  Turn right at the signpost towards the 2 chalets above. The path goes to the left of the left hand chalet, then on between another chalet and the Buvette du Lac d’Arbey.  (Drinks and snacks, as well as great views, are available here during the summer).

  6. Continue along the path for another 100m and you will reach Lac d’Arbey.  Here there are several picnic tables and two do it yourself bar-b-ques.

  7. At the far side of lake, (where the stream normally runs out when the lake is full), there is another signpost.  Take the right fork in the path down to Evolène.  Part way down this path, there is a signpost up to Versec, etc.  Ignore this path and continue downwards, along the main path.

  8. Eventually you will meet a road/track (with a signpost and bench).  Turn left here, then almost immediately, turn right down a path.  Very shortly you will meet a wide forest track.  Cross this and descend along a wide track to the earlier signpost mentioned in 2 above.  Retrace the earlier route back to Evolène.