Walk 4: Lac Bleu from La Gouille (Distance: 2.8 km and 270m ascent)

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Walk 4 – Lac Bleu from La Gouille (Distance: 2.8 km and 270m ascent)

This is a lovely walk, especially for young children.  It has some steep climbs, but the effort is well worth it, as the lake always lives up to its name, even on dull days.  There are several picnic tables around the lake, so be sure to take a picnic.  In the summer there’s also a small buvette / café just below the lake as well as a café / restaurant at La Gouille. 

  1. Go up the tarmac road to the left of the small lake and to the right of the Lac Bleu sign.  The road bends to the right then left before becoming a track.  After the 3rd chalet, a path goes up towards a yellow sign.  Turn left at the sign and follow the path up into and through the woods.  Part of the way up there’s a fork in the path near a signpost.  Take the left hand fork as indicated by the sign*. 

  2. Soon the path emerges from the wood and crosses a small meadow.  From here you have a wonderful view of Mont Collon and the Pigne d’Arolla.  In addition along the ridge to the left, the Pointe des Genevois and the sharp point of the Aiguilles de la Tsa can be seen.  The path now turns up to the right, quite steeply at times, before zigzagging to the right and then turning left towards some wooden buildings.  One of these buildings is a buvette or café, where drinks and snacks can be found (in the summer only).

  3. Continue upwards to the left of these buildings for another 100m to reach Lac Bleu.
    Note that there is another small lake to the right and that it is possible to walk around the main lake and above the waterfall at the far side.  As mentioned above, picnic tables can be found at various points around the lake.

  4. Return via the same path. 

    *Though, there is an alternative option, by taking a left turn on the way down (not signposted, so see map above).  This path re-joins the original route at the signpost mentioned earlier.

  5. If the car park at La Gouille is full, continue up the road towards Arolla and park on the left at Satarma. An alternative path goes around the left side of the row of chalets to the right. (See map above).