Walk 3: Les Fournaises Loop (Distance: 2.5 km and 150m ascent)

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Walk 3 – Les Fournaises loop (Distance: 2.5 km and 150m ascent)

This is a short circular walk starting from the Hotel/restaurant La Montanara on the Route Neuve. It gives elevated views of the valley and the mountains opposite.  Look out for a wide range of flowers and butterflies, including the elusive Apollo, which seems to thrive in this area.

  1. From the Montanara, walk up the Route de Fornèije road which is almost opposite and a little to the right. It’s quite steep and meanders left and right until, on the 3rd right hand bend, the tarmac road becomes a rough track.  Follow this track up for another 40 metres, where it bends to the left and becomes a path.  In approximately 60 metres the path splits into two.  Take the right hand fork and follow the path upwards until it emerges from the trees then rises sharply again before cresting near a bench.  This is the highest point of the route and about half way.  It’s a good place to stop and take in the views.
  2. Continue forwards along the now wider path as it descends to meet another track coming in from the right.  Turn left down this track and descend through the woods.  The track bends left then right and then meets another track just after a barrier.  Turn left here.  After about 50 metres there’s a signpost on the right.  Turn right here, down a path which almost immediately bends to the left.
  3. Soon the path meets a road.  Cross over the road and carry on down a narrow path which bends gradually to the right and descends to the road. Turn left to reach the start point.