Walk 10: Lac Bleu from Arolla (Distance: 4.8 km and 305m ascent)

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Walk 10:  Lac Bleu from Arolla (Distance: 4.8 km and 305m ascent)

Please note that this route is NOT recommended in winter, or when snow is still lying on the path, as route finding is almost impossible.

The parking area for the start of this walk can be found by continuing up the road through the village. After the left hand bend at the village square, the road bends right, left and then right again. Approximately 100 metres later, there is a right turn which drops down to the parking area.

Alternatively the walk can be started from the village, either by walking through the village from the bus terminus and taking the path which is 50 metres on the left, or by walking up the road and taking the path on the left hand bend. (See map above).

  1. From the far end of the car park, take the path which runs up to the left from the lower end of the ski lift. After just 40 metres, a path goes off and downwards to the right. (Signposted I think). Follow this path and keep going left when it meets the two paths which soon come in from the right (i.e. those mentioned in the alternative start points above. So continue forwards/right if taking either of those routes).

  2. Only 140 metres or so after merging with the second path there is a signpost indicating Pramousse to the right and Lac Bleu to the left. It is marked as a ‘Chemin difficile’ but, apart from a lot of undulations, it is not particularly steep or vertiginous. E.g. no scrambling is required. Continue along this path for another 3 km until you reach Lac Bleu, taking in the fabulous views of the Aiguilles de la Tsa and Pointe de Genvois ridge on the other side of the valley.

  3. From Lac Bleu, take the path which descends to the left of the small bridge to the right of the main lake. It soon passes a buvette on the left (open in summer), before veering off to the right, then left, quite steeply. The path then bends to the left and descends through the woods to La Gouille, where there is a bar/restaurant for refreshments and a bus stop to take you back to Arolla (or Les Haudères/Evolène if you came up by bus).
    N.B. Since the postbus service is infrequent, please check the timetable before relying upon this to get back to Arolla.