Walk 31: Col de Tsarmine (Distance: 8.2 km and 1,275m ascent)

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Walk 31:  Col de Tsarmine (8.2 km and 1,275m of ascent)

Although only a little over 8 km in length, this walk is included in the Challenging section due to the steepness of the ascent. The path up from Satarma will have your legs screaming to stop, even before you have reached half way. But you will eventually be rewarded with some fabulous views.

Parking at La Gouille is often difficult due to its popularity, so continue up the road and park on the very wide verge on the left just beyond Satarma.

  1. From the car parking area, walk back only a short way along the road towards the La Gouille end of Satarma (where a road emerges) and cross the bridge on the right. Follow the track around to the left and as soon as you cross the small bridge, turn right. (Small signpost).

    The path goes up to the left of the stream towards the woods. After 250 metres, the path crosses the stream to the right and the path begins to get steeper. Continue upwards into the trees.

    After a further 250 metres the path bends to the left and zig-zags up. 600 metres or so onwards, the path emerges from the trees and turns to the left. The steepness eases slightly after around 200 metres, as you pass a cross on the left and the path then turns to the right and goes up the near side of a stream/gully to reach some buildings at Tsarmine.

  2. Tsarmine
    The path heads off slightly to the left and you now aim, almost directly, towards the left hand side of the ‘bowl’ created by the Petite Veisivi, the col and the Grande Veisivi. The route is now clearer (since you are out of the trees). Keep going up to the left side and once you reach a height of around 2,900m, the path traverses around to the right to reach the col itself.

  3. Your return is the same way.