Garnedd-goch from Cwm Pennant, Snowdonia National Park, N. Wales

After scouring the Ordnance Survey app. for possible routes, I came across this one, which I believe was in the Trail magazine in September 2021. It only gave the route to the top of Mynydd Graig Goch so, to save retracing my steps, I descended firstly east then south before turning east again to reach the road back to the car park at the end of the valley.

Cwm Pennant is an amazingly peaceful little valley, the end of which is reached via a single track road and by opening (& closing obviously) 3 farm gates. This is sheep country and no mistake!

16 thoughts on “Garnedd-goch from Cwm Pennant, Snowdonia National Park, N. Wales

    • Yes, it was a great walk, but very tiring! (I’m out of practice). I think it’s still a little early for a lot of butterflies but, as you can maybe see in the photos, there are very few flowers on that open moorland. I was lucky to capture that one!


      • Sorry Mike, I was trying to be funny. I know you like butterflies and are looking for them πŸ¦‹
        Hope your form shape is getting better. It’s a lot more fun to walk the mountains being fit.
        I know that from experience 🀣
        Happy walks!!

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        • Sorry, my mistake, I missed the “I only spotted…” I should read more carefully next time. Somehow UK paths are harder work than European, or at least Swiss, ones! I’m setting off on a 4 day walk on Monday with 4 friends, so expect some posts in the coming weeks… 😊


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