Wales Coast Path Walk, Ynys to Criccieth

Every since I walked south along the Wales Coast Path from our house, I’ve been itching to do the same, heading north. So, on Thursday, despite strong overnight winds, which promised to continue all morning and grey skies, I set off. As you will see from the gallery, the weather was changeable to say the least. I had everything from bright sunshine to hailstones, with typical April showers in between, but it was very enjoyable nonetheless.

I wasn’t expecting to take so many photos, given the overcast skies, but I think you’ll agree there was plenty of variety along the walk. For example, I was just bemoaning to myself, how dull the middle ‘road’ section was, through the villages of Penrhyndeudraeth and Minffordd when, firstly, a Ffestiniog Railway steam train came along and stopped in Minfordd station and then I was treated to an impromptu “One Man and His Dog” performance as a farmer sent his dog off to round up some stray lambs and sheep.

9 thoughts on “Wales Coast Path Walk, Ynys to Criccieth

  1. My ex’s lastname is an Americanized version of a VERY Welsh name, and I have kept it, even though he’s ex. I love the sound of it combined with my first name. When we visited Ireland for many weeks we kept saying we should “hop” over to Wales. Sadly, we did not and I regret that. There’s something magical (and a bit Hobbit-y) about Wales. Your photos bear that out. Also, to me, overcast and Wales seems like the perfect combo (having never been there, just in my imagination).

    Also as aside, while in Ireland we got to talking with a bloke from Wales. He told us how the Welsh would pronounce my ex’s lastname. It sounded something like someone clearing their throat and bringing a bit “up” πŸ™‚

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    • Yes, it’s a very interesting language, full of guttural sounds. I plan to do a “Welsh Alphabet” post sometime, which may help with some of the words and pronunciation, but it is a tricky language to get to grips with for sure. 😊

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  2. Oh my goodness, Mike, I was completely enchanted by your photos. I heard sighs of pleasure as I slowly enjoyed each one. I have been off the WP track for 6 weeks but I see you have moved to North Wales, so I guess you have left Switzerland? Looks like you found an utterly gorgeous new world and I am so happy for you. I loved seeing the expansive views, the black stones everywhere, the tides and ocean splendor, the hillsides, plants and flowers, and the steam train and tulip-decorated station were an extra plus. I plan on reading back at some of your previous posts to see more. Meanwhile, enjoy your new digs, and thanks so much for sharing them here. I really enjoyed it.

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    • If there was a prize for providing the best comment ever, then you would certainly win it hands down. That’s so kind of you to say all those lovely things. I hope you enjoy some of my previous posts and you will perhaps read that we left Switzerland last September. It all happened quite suddenly, but we’re now very settled in our new home (while looking for a more permanent one). Though it sounds like you have been through a similar process.

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