Thyon Ridge Walk, Valais, Switzerland

I mentioned in my last post that my walks and subsequent posts tend to concentrate on some combination of views, flowers and/or butterflies. Well, almost incredibly, given the warm weather we’ve been having, this walk has no butterflies at all! I did capture a very poor picture of a Tortoiseshell, but I didn’t think that worth posting and the Swallowtail at the top of Mont Carré flew off before I could catch my breath and switch on my camera. Others either flew off up or down the slope to the side, making it difficult to follow them.

As you will see in the gallery below, there was a bit of cloud around for a while, but this more or less cleared as I reached the turnaround point at Greppon Blanc.

9 thoughts on “Thyon Ridge Walk, Valais, Switzerland

  1. Switerland is such a wonderful country. I always enjoy your blog. I myself am more familiar with the German-speaking part of Wallis because of the walking holidays I spent there with my parents (in my youth….)

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  2. Oh Mike, this was an absolutely enchanting hike through the Alps, thank you so much for sharing it with us. I put on the slide show and marveled at each photo. Simply an astounding place, those Alps. You gave us the full alpine experience with the huge variety of flowers, clump-like, the many peaks and their names, those narrow trails winding along the ridges, cairns, interesting Thyon, and of course the vast views. Enjoyed the two familiar to me, the Matterhorn and Edelweiss, but also the unfamiliars.

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  3. Beautifully captured shots, Mike! I am now learning it is a whole lot different doing any walking at higher altitudes, whew! You’re impressing me even more with your treks!! We took a hike yesterday to see waterfall rapids, my goodness it was stunning, but we both thought we weren’t going to make it back, it was uphill all the way. 🥴

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    • Thanks Donna. You certainly notice the difference at altitude, if you’re not used to it. We live at 1400m / 4,600 ft so I have a head start on most people! Certainly above 3,000m or 10,000ft you (and indeed I) would feel a lot more breathless.

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