More visitors in the night…

Firstly let me say a very Happy New Year to everyone and a big THANK YOU to all my followers and especially to those of you who have provided comments throughout 2020. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that 2021 is a much more joyful year.

At the risk of becoming boring and a bit one dimensional, (I promise to go out walking when the weather improves and the sun begins to shine), I have a few more Trail cam videos for you to enjoy…

After 2 blank nights where nothing was captured at all, last night, around 11:45pm, we had two small (Roe?) deer. Again the videos are extremely short for some reason, being only 1 to 2 seconds long instead of the 10 seconds I was expecting. I’ll check the settings and let’s hope things are OK next time.

On the 2nd video you can see one of the deer taking an interest in the bin full of bird food, but it didn’t dislodge the lid. There was a 3rd clip (not shown) showing the back end of one running away, so something must have spooked them.

About 3 hours later, at least one of the two stags seen in my previous posts made another appearance. And again, I’ve stitched together 5 very short clips to make the one below. He clearly enjoyed some of the bread and carrots that we’d left out. You will be pleased to know that the, now pieced together, bird feeder is safely out of harms way, attached to the railing of our 1st floor terrace (off camera, towards the top right of the video). 😊

18 thoughts on “More visitors in the night…

    • Yes, thanks Viv. Brian (from Butterflies and Dragsters) has already put me right. I should have looked it up before posting. We also get them around in the summer / autumn occasionally. It’s certainly been very cold overnight, so I’m not surprised they are coming out of the woods to look for any food that they can find. (One of our herb plants went missing too).

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        • We had another (or one of the 2) roe deer appear again last night. Again the Trail cam recorded 10 seconds or so, but it was then followed immediately by 10 or 11 x 2 seconds of nothing. I’ve altered the settings according to the instructions and, in theory, it’s supposed to continue recording if there is movement in the final 4 seconds of recording. There is also supposed to be a ‘Dynamic’ setting, but there doesn’t appear to be that option on my model. So it’s still work in progress. Oh yes, and the 6 AA batteries have almost run out already.

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  1. Two seconds is not bad!! And you did very well with the last one. Lucky you who live that close to nature, here we have the Mediterranean sea just minutes away, but that’s not the same. Not many wild animals here on this small island.

    Wish you all the best for year 2021 Mike and thank you for all comments you have given me during the year. Now we hope that we soon can see an end of pandemi that learnt us all a lesson on the vulnerability of humanity. Take care!

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    • Yes Donna, we were 99% sure it was a stag uprooting the feeder. The hoof prints in the snow give it away and it was the only creature capable of lifting it out – either accidentally or deliberately, as it raised its head from nibbling at the ground. (There used to be a metal ring part way down to place a water tray, but we removed that last year). However, we still wonder how (or even why) they managed to scatter the bits and pieces far and wide. We lost a circular fat ball feeder last year (we never did find it) and I imagined the stag roaming around with it stuck on the top of its antler. This year that black tray you saw in one of the videos has also gone AWOL. Goodness knows where that is, though we may find it in the Spring, or when the farmer comes to cut the field. (Let’s hope it doesn’t damage his, or someone else’s, cutting machine).

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    • P.S. A few years ago, I was away in the UK and my wife was woken in the middle of the night by a banging (of the window shutters against the wall). She thought it might be intruders, but when she opened the door to see who or what it was (very brave of her) she saw a huge stag – right there in front of her. It had been nibbling at the plants in the pots next to the wall and the antlers were causing the shutters to move. It ran off, but it was visible ‘proof’ that they came.

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  2. I found your videos and experiences enchanting, Mike. I read the comments too, and found them interesting. Roe deer are a European mammal and I was not familiar with them, so I visited Wikipedia to learn more. Living so close to nature always has its surprises, and I enjoyed reading about yours. Many thanks for this deer adventure.

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    • You’re very welcome, Jet. We have observed them before, quite a few times, through the window, but it is nice to have a permanent record – and to show everyone of course, that nature exists, even in your garden. Reminds me of many years ago, when my daughter was only about 3 years old and she woke early (around 5am). I had the task of taking her downstairs and keeping her entertained, when I noticed something moving in the (small) back garden, which was enclosed. I turned the sofa over, and we set up a ‘nature watch’. It turned out to be a badger, which came right up to our french windows – only feet away from where we were ‘hiding’. Experiences you never forget. 😊


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