Birds on the feeders

So what do you do on a grey Monday when you’re retired?  Well, apart from taking a break from decorating your kitchen (though I believe the modern phrase is upcycling), you take pictures of the birds on the feeder from the warmth of your lounge out of the window.  And, yes, that is a little snow you can see falling on the photos.  It’s going to be a long winter for our little feathered friends.

15 thoughts on “Birds on the feeders

    • You’re welcome Jet. We always enjoy seeing them come and go, especially the more rare ones, like the Nuthatch and the Crested tit. (I’m never quite sure what the crest is for – it looks cute but a little comical at the same time). We also spotted a green woodpecker the other day (which is unusual) but it was too quick for me to capture a decent image. Maybe next time… 🙂

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