Skiing in Nax

I think it’s fair to say (if I haven’t said this already before) that Judith and I are fair weather skiers.  Last year, the conditions were not great so we didn’t go skiing at all.  However, the forecast for yesterday was good and it was the opening day of the season for the Nax ski resort, so it just had to be done.  I should add that Judith and I are not the greatest skiers in the world but, with views like this (and as you will observe, a definite lack of people), it’s a fabulous way to spend the day.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years. 🎄🎁 Cheers! 🍻

The Grand Old ‘Uke’ of York

I got a Christmas card from my mate Andy the other day.  Nothing unusual in that you might think but, intriguingly, it contained a reference to a Youtube link, with no explanation as to what it was.

Now, I should add that I worked with Andy, waaaaay back when, for what was then called Rowntree’s in York (England).  He was one of our regular “Lunchtime runners” and a good runner he was too.  His best marathon time was around the 2h 30min mark.  Though, curiously, during training, he would often be at the back and leave Pete, Liam, Dave, Tim, Colin and I to battle it out in a sprint finish.  But put him on the start line of a race and he was gone!  Anyway, he got fed up of the corporate life and he left to teach people how to play the guitar.

Clearly his repertoire extends to the Ukelele too, as he and some friends have banded together to produce this (rather excellent I have to say) video below, which features many of my old haunts in York, including the Shambles, the Black Swan, the Theatre Royal, the Minster and Bootham Bar (that’s one of four fortified entrances to the city by the way, not a pub!)

For info. Andy, is the one in the natty, Fairisle jumper and playing the ukelele in front of the roaring fire.  Enjoy!

Ready for a white Christmas…

Judith and I have just returned from our annual pre-Christmas tour, visiting our families in the UK.  While we were away, more snow has fallen (meaning more snow clearing!) so, with the temperatures staying low, we are guaranteed a white Christmas here in Evolène.

All the local hoteliers (and we indeed) are happy that the ‘white gold’ has arrived as the last 3 years have been pretty bare (in the valley at least).  Both the downhill and cross country pistes are now all prepared, so let the fun begin… 🙂


Snow, snow and more snow…

Across Europe and North America (from what I’ve read about the Bills v Colts game) there was a lot of snow yesterday.  Even the ever-reliable Swiss train service was affected between St Maurice and Brig and 100 cars were ‘stuck’ and had to be rescued on the motorway.

So, what a day to run out of milk!  It snowed all day in Evolène yesterday and we had the most snow we’ve ever seen in the 6 and half years we’ve lived here.  I didn’t measure it, but I can confirm that the snow was thigh deep!

After clearing a path to the end of our drive, I waded down to the main road where, amazingly, cars were still running by and walking was somewhat easier thanks to the partially cleared snow.  On the way back, I helped our neighbour dig out his car from our parking area before he headed down our (n.b. uncleared) road.   I followed with the shovel in case he got stuck, but he sailed down (with his chains on of course) with a light bow-wave of snow brushing across his bonnet.