Camping in Vitznau (1 of a few)

Both our chalet and apartment were booked last week, so Jude and I had to move out and go on holiday…

We often talk about visiting other parts of Switzerland and for some time now, Jude has been trying to talk me into going camping.  Bearing in mind that the last time I went camping was in 1979, to Guernsey with my mates Ian and Martin, I took some persuading.  Buying a 4 person tent and two oversized inflatable mattresses helped of course, as did the two ring camping stove (not that I’d be using it much).

So it was that we chose the camp site at Vitznau for a 5 night stay last week.  Vitznau is towards the centre of Switzerland and sits on the shores of the ‘lake of 4 cantons’, which is better known as Lake Lucerne (even though Lucerne is only one of the 4 cantons).

As ever, our journey there was as exciting as our arrival and stay, so below are some of the images taken during our many stops while driving over the Grimsel pass. (Yes, it does sound like something taken straight out of a fairy tale, but I can assure you it does exist !)

6 thoughts on “Camping in Vitznau (1 of a few)

  1. Oh, so wow!! That train… it looks like a little miniature you would see in a museum!! I wouldn’t be fond of the camping thing either, but it looks like you guys may have had a great time!! 😀


    • Yes, the Swiss love their trains and that one uses a cog to go up impossibly steep tracks. I didn’t publish the picture of the tunnel with the train about 80 feet above it. The train disappeared and we thought that’s it gone, and then less than 2 minutes later it re-appeared higher up ! (It was almost like a magician’s trick).
      There’s a lot more trains, boats and scenery, plus a bit of Swiss history to come (to be published in the next few days I hope…)

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